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No.336 Chuangxin Ave, Qingbaijiang Industrial Zone, 610300, Chengdu, China
Company Culture

ChengDu Silike Technology CO.LTD is a young company, since we are young, we are open-minded, strive for innovation, the flexible and strong theoretical foundation give us infinite inspiration---that was "SI"( means thinking ). At the same time, we clear know that the cornerstone of success for a company or even a person  are working in a strict practical way and making right decision at the right time ---that was "LI"(means action). Except sales growth, we also hope to get a high approval degree from the customers, the suppliers, the employees, the society and the environment. And hope our persistance hard working will make some contributes to this harmonious society.---that was "KE"(means recognition). No matter the past, present or the further, the company always adhering to the ideas of science&technology, humanities, innovation, and pragmatism, develop steadily. Our staff will be thriving with their powerful cohesion and vitality.

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