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Wire & Cable compounds

Silicone masterbatches for wire & cable compounds

LSZH/HFFR cable compounds: improve processing, flow of resin and surface properties, including better mould filling & mould release, less extruder torque, fast throughput, reduce die drool, durable scratch & abrasion resistance and excellent surface quality. 

Silane crossing XLPE compounds: Except offer better processing properties and surface quality

Effectively prevent crosslinking during extrusion without any affect on final crosslinking degree and rate as well. 

TPE Wire: Improve processing and flow of resin ability, reduce extrusion shear rate, higher the wire pay off speed so that improve throughput and excellent surface finish.

PVC compounds: Improve processing and flow of resin, good thermal stability, durable abrasion & scratch resistance, higher pay-off speed, slip and excellent surface quality.


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