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Non-Automotive Anti-scratch Masterbatch

With the develope of society, people are increasingly demanding for all kinds of plastic products, especially for the exposed parts, we develop a series of non-automotive used anti-scratch masterbatch, which are mainly used on electrical outer parts, tablet computer, mobile phone shell etc to enhance scratch resistance.

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Improving the processing performance, less extruder torque, reduced equipment wear, better mold filling and reduce product defect rate

Obvious lower the coefficient of friction (COF), improve surface smoothness, gloss, enhance the surface silk texture, scratch and abrasion resistance.

Enhanced fuel resistance, reduced smoke density, improve the impact strength .

Good stability, non-migratory and without any bleeding .


1) ABS materials, TV, LED covers ( to improve the flow ability of resin, surface smoothness, scratch resistance)

2) PC/ABS alloy 

Mix with it’s compatible resin at a certain proportion then molding or pelleting directly 

Recommend dosage

Addition level at 0.5%to 2%, can improve the product’s processing, liquidity and mold release. At a high level: 1% to 5% can improve the surface properties (smoothness,  scratch resistance and abrasion resistance).


25Kg, paper plastic bag

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