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Normal Silicone Powder

Silicone powder is white powder, formed by 50% to 70% ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer without organic carrier. used in all kinds of resin system to improve the flow of resin and processing (better mold filling & mold release, less extruder torque, faster throughput), and modify surface properties (better surface quality, lower COF, greater abrasion & scratch resistance).
Typical used in engineering plastics, HTPA etc.

Improving the processing performance, less extruded torque, reduced equipment wear, better mold filling , mold release and reduce product defect rate.

Obvious lower the coefficient of friction, improve surface smoothness, enhance the surface silk texture, scratch and abrasion resistance.

Enhanced fuel resistance, reduced smoke density, improve the impact strength and surface gloss of fuel resistance (high filling) materials

Good stability, non-migratory and non-migrate.

Use methods: 

Mixed Silicone Powder with the resin at a certain proportion, Pellet process is necessary before extrusion or injection or other processing way.

Recommend dosage: 

When added at 0.5%to 2% for processing properties improvement, 2-5% for surface quality improvement ( abrasion and scratch resistance enhancement)

Package : 20Kg, paper bag

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