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Silicone Masterbatch

Silicone masterbatches are white pellets, formed by 30% to 50% ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer dispersed in all kinds of thermoplastic resin, such as PE, PP, PA……, used in carrier resin compatible system in order to improve the flow of resin and processing (better mold filling & mold release, less extruder torque, faster throughput), and modify surface properties (better surface quality, lower COF, greater abrasion & scratch resistance).

Features :

1) Small addition can significantly improve the mobility of resin, processing performance and mold release.

2) Increase productivity, reduce product defect rate.

3) Greatly improve the surface finish of final products and hand feel.

4) No affect on the surface printing.

5) No precipitation.

6) Meet ROHS directives.

7) Reach Pre-registration.

Use methods:

Mix Silicone Masterbatch with its compatible resin system at a certain proportion then molding or pelleting directly. Recommend dosage:  0.5~5% 


25Kg, paper bag

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